13 December, 2006

Personal Grooming

We don't like to but we all do it... personal grooming.

Yes, the process of cutting, trimming, plucking, tweezing, waxing, brushing, cleansing, scrubing, polishing, shaving, massaging, as well as applying assorted creams, lotions, farming produce and miscellaneous chemical substances on various parts of our body... all in a futile effort to become a "better" homo sapien... some how.

Yes, I am talking to you, men AND women of the world, worshipper of eternal beauty...

Why?? Why do we carry out such strange rituals? Do we do it to better to attract members of the opposite sex? Really?? Or is it purely something we learnt and practiced and drummed into us... by society, gossip magazines and the Fab Five?

Who dictate these rules and standards anyhow? It just doesn't makes much sense at all...

Anyway, I better wrap up this rant, or I am going to be late for my toe hair waxing session at my local beautician... see ya all next time.

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