14 December, 2006

Virginity: I would fight for that...

People have often used the war in Iraq to drag out that adage: "Fighting for Peace is like F**king for Virginity"

And I do think that peace is a worthy ideal to aim for, here in Australia, in Iraq and everywhere on the globe.

But since I am ineligible to join the Australian Defense Forces (due to my weakling frame), I think I should really make it my goal to f**k for virginity instead.

Virginity is, according to those who uses the above idiom, an equally worthy ideal as well. And I am ready and able to give my country everything I have.

Sure, I understand there will be lengthy exhausting training regime; late nights effort; early mornings sessions; plus the endless grunt work day in day out... But I am serious about protecting the virtues of virginity.

The only question remains: Where do I sign up?

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