10 January, 2008

Religion: Why it Should Affect Your Vote

Why should you vote for a Christian when you are a Muslim, a Buddhist or a Jew? And why should you vote for a Catholic when you are a Protestant, or a Baptist, or even a Mormon?

I think Scott Adams have pose a good question and provide a great answer to this conundrum. Go and read it in his blog about:

Religion and Politics


Wyatt S. | ueverse.com said...

Hi Gordon, is that you in the video! i'm very impressed :)

Gord said...

Thanks Wyatt, it is quite embarassing really...

If you navigate yourself to those videos on youtube, you will find that the general youtube boxing community find my effort rather laughable... :-D

I get about one comment a week dissing my crappy ability, but it keeps the video in high views :-)

Anonymous said...