23 January, 2008

Oh for Joy!!!

Dilbert is now in a Widget!!! You can check it out on my side bar. Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

When are you going to reveal your dating or multi-dating adventures? DGJ

Gord said...

um, not in a blog... I will only blog stuff I am not shy of revealing to a friendly stranger on a bus.

Other than that, there is nothing to reveal ;-)

Anonymous said...

Um...didn't think you are at all shy about anything, you blogs contain topics ranging from boots, HAWTness to human anotomy....there's a lot of posts re how women are not flocking to you, but yet, you do not reveal those women who do....I'm sure your readers would be interested to share your experience of another chapter of your life.

BTW..What happened to the Exhibition A & B blog that I've posted a comment on...it seemed to have disappeared. DGJ

Gord said...

I am shy about plenty of things. Just not on some stuff people consider I should be shy on.