20 March, 2007

Happy 75th Birthday to the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Last Sunday, the Sydney Harbour Bridge celebrated its 75th birthday. We, the humble citizens of Sydney, were allowed to travel across the entire bridge on foot, in order to commemorate this landmark's landmark achievement. What a thrill!

So to help add to the celebratory atmosphere, a group of my friends planned to do exactly that. We made our way across the giant coat hanger and took plenty of photographs along the trip. It was sheer exhilaration. Below are just a sample of my photos:

The Sydney Harbour Bridge cuts an
impressive skeletal figure above the water.

The monochrome rainbow serpent
stretches across the evening sky...

Dusk settles gently over the Harbour Bridge.

The single most memorable event of the evening was the Aboriginal cleansing ceremony that took place while we were there. The entire bridge was set alight with spots of eucalyptus fires, while an Aboriginal elder strolled purposefully over the harbour to the guttural strains of tribal choruses.

Unfortunately, the Aboriginal elder leading the parade nearly char-coaled himself whilst carrying a smoke-filled ceremony gum-bark-tray. The bark in his hands suddenly caught fire and everyone stopped walking and start taking photos of his eyebrows being singed. Luckily he place down the flaming bark in time to let the fire die down a little (helped by a security guard stamping on the ceremonious bark), then the poor elder picked it back up and the show went on unabated.

Nevertheless, it was still a very special spiritual ceremony and I enjoyed the entire experience thoroughly.

So a big Happy Birthday to the Harbour Bridge, you beautiful clump of metal.

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