12 February, 2007

Reality is Bad, Mmm-kay...

A few days ago, two sets of parents in Massachusetts (David and Tonia Parker, Joseph and Robin Wirthlin) sued a kindergarten for issuing fairy tale books to their kids that depicted reality.

**Cue dramatic music** The Shock!... The Horror!...

You can read the article here: "Parents are dead set angry about reality in fairy tales"

The lawyer representing the parents cited the reason for the lawsuit was that the children books are "a form of propaganda that goes against the parents' religious beliefs". The parents are simply "fearing their children are being brainwashed" by the unscrupulous fairy tale.

I can only assume they would much prefer their children to read beautiful stories with good morals such as grand theft and first degree murder. Or better still, they may urge their offspring to delve into traditional fairy tales that depict terrorism and mass genocide.

Wholesome stuff, you know, not all that new-age fang-dangle hog-wash.

(Okay, okay, I'll stop with the religion bashing for the next few posts.)

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