14 February, 2007

Happy Saint Valentine Day

As I rode upon the commuter train early this Valentine Day, I happened to spy a delicately beautiful creature a few feet to my left.

A very attractive girl of Asian descent, with long flowing ebony locks, she was quite a breath taking vision. She was adorned with a fitted jet black dress that goes down to her knees, where her cream stockings takes over to lead all the way down to her black ballad slippers with the tiniest heals on them.

She was dressed very professionally, ready for a day at work, clutching a laptop backpack, displaying only a very modest collection of jewellery and complementing her face with a very cute cherry red square-framed glasses.

I think I might have stared at her for quite a few minutes. She turn to face me once and we locked gaze for a few brief seconds. Her blushing cheeks made my heart want to clamour out of my mouth and jump off the speeding train...

In my mind, I am frantically calculating a whole host of permutation in how to approach this gorgeous young lady, how oh how to invite her to a quiet dinner or maybe a night cap at a local tavern? The train carriage is utterly packed to the hilt. I cannot easily idle over and ask her for her name and number without everyone on this side of the train finding out about it... hmm...

I know!! I will see which station she is alighting at, casually follow her a few blocks, accidentally bump into her when I see that she a little more alone on the footpath. Then I shall confess to her my fascination with her and implore her to meet me once more to explore this fascination.

GREAT PLAN, Gordon!!

So as the train pulled up at the station of her destination, she readied herself to exit the door, I steeled myself for the pursuit. The train stopped. The door slid open. She alighted. I watched and hesitated. Then I followed her... with my eyes as she walked out of the station and out of my sight. I sighed, exhaled and continued my merry way through this St Valentine Day.

- - -

I arrived at work, plonked my arse in my chair and declared to my colleagues: "Hey, I saved a woman from being stalked today."

Their puzzled response was: "How?"

"I stopped following her." **boom-tish**

(Most of this story is true, I'll let you guess which parts are BS and which is real. The part that is plagiarised come from my mate Nick. Thanks buddy ;-)


GL said...

You are a stalker mate!

That part where her cheek blushed when she saw you is all made up. Come on that's never gonna happen. At most she'll just looked away.

But everywhere, there are plenty of nice chix around if you look carefully. You can't just stalk or go up there to chat with all of them... you'll be ending up going in circles (literally) and they'll know you just chat up with any chix. Therefore, I will only get to know the one who will happen to have some kind of "incidents" with me. Perhaps spill some hot coffee on me while she was in a rush, and then ask me to take my shirt off so she could take it to dryclean, and got me a new one. Then she would invite me to her place for a dinner to apologize. Then she found out her stereo was "broken" at home and ask me to fix it so we could have some "dinner music". When I found out the "unplugged" cord, I connect it with my iPod nano and start playing Korean music. They were her favourite songs and we start talking about Korean stuffs and she show me some of her favourite Dangyunhaji shows. Then she would show me her Federer collection... I can go on like this all night but you get the idea.

Unfortunately, most the girl I've met are liars and they are too busy for anything. Most of the time I see are guys so Valentine's Day didn't mean much to me this year.

GL said...

Also that was Ugly Betty you stalked.

Gord said...

Wow... Are you OK man?

You seem to be carrying a whole lot of pent up hostility towards women. Or is that hostility aimed at me because I remind you too much of yourself?

Of course, there are plenty of beautiful women everywhere, GL. Many of them catches my eyes. Many of them are far more prettier than this particular girl I saw on the train. However, few ever fascinate me the way this black dress girl did.

That's why I blog about her. She fascinate me. And I let her walk out of my life. And that makes me a... stalker? A poorly-skilled one perhaps...

gl said...

Just an update, the following day I had an "incident" with someone. I thought she was the one! She did like Korean and we were from strangers to start talking to each other in about 5 mins at the Chinese New Year market in Chinatown, while waiting for our food. Too bad later she said she's sharing her food with her bf...

Sweet but... sigh...

ln said...

Yes, I sense lots of hostility from gl as well.
I think GL got the girl multitasking down to an art. We could all learn from him. However, he still has a lot to learn when it comes to patience. There's a lot of "games" played at the start of the relationship to work out the boundaries. They can be frustrating sometimes. The one sure thing is that you will not get it all your way and obviously she will not get it all her way. Don't be discourage by differences or set back. Concentrate on the positives and the various negative points could be work around when the relationship is a bit stronger...if they can't then she's not the one for you.

That's my 2 cents...not sure whether gordo the stalker agrees with me :)

Gord said...

I am in no position to critique any of GL's technique with women because I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination.

I would just like to offer my observations of GL on the matter of his patience with women.

These are just my observations, nothing more...

- - -

From what I can observe of GL, when he finds a potential mate, he will hones in and focus all his energy and attention on the girl. He will pepper her with questions after questions. He will muster every ounce of charm and charisma he could gather and pour it upon her. He will MSN her, call her, email her, woo her. He then ask her out on a date, a movie, a dinner, a lunch, a bite to eat or drink...

This lucky girl now may be rather flattered by his interest and admire the strength of his conviction...

But she may ALSO feel GL may be coming on too strong, too intense, too smothering... so she may say to him with all sincerity: "I'd love to, but maybe next time"

GL will react by going berserk, labelling this simple "maybe next time" as a personal insult. He would feel deeply hurt by this rejection and will refuse to talk to this girl ever again.

He moves along to another special someone and repeats the process.

- - -

I must repeat, the above is not the truth, just observations, most likely to be entirely wrong on my part. I'll just post it there to see if anyone wants to point out how wrong I am with those slanderous observations...?

gl said...

Almost correct. I do similar things on a rotation with a few different girls, not one.

Some good pts from ln though.

Gord said...

If you agree with me on most points, perhaps we could also agree that maybe you could lighten up and try not to drown each girl in your obsessive attention, and try to give them some breathing room to be natural around you.

Also perhaps we could agree that each women in your life are not really liars who is out to deliberately hurt you, but as a person who is not that into you.

It is not exactly the end of the world for you, correct? There is no real need to get uptight everytime a girl says "no" to you.

gl said...

Sorry Gord, I think you misread. I didn't agree with you. I did explicitly say I ln has good pts...

I think it's time for you to get your acts together than thinking it's wrong to be proactive.

Gord said...

I'm sorry, when I read your quote:-

GL said... "Almost correct. I do similar things on a rotation with a few different girls, not one."

I naturally believed that you meant that we are mostly in agreement.

I didn't think a simple innocuous statement like "Almost correct" could possibly mean that you didn't agree with me... Who would have thought?

I think it is fantastic that you are proactive with women, there is nothing wrong with that at all.

I am only suggesting that perhaps you could be, just a tad, a little too suffocatingly obsessive. And when the girl decline your advances, she suddenly goes from cute chix to "liar" in your eyes.

I fail to see how any of this could advance your cause.

Allow me to reiterate, everything I have written is merely my observations, nothing more, nothing less, it is all likely to be skewed and wrong on my part.