20 February, 2007

Promiscuity: Why Men Can't Commit - Part III

Disclaimer: The following link and the opinions contain therin are those of Sam de Brito and does not necessary reflect the opinions that I hold... Even though they are pretty damn close! Please do not leave nasty comments on my blog to point out that I am a fat chauvinist pig (I already know that I am), leave it on his blog instead.

Another politically incorrect, thought provoking discussion with a healthy dollop of truth mixed in:

Promiscuity: Why Slutting Around is Good for the Human Species


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ln said...

As a married man I have to disagree...since agreeing would make me look stupid....that's all...

Wait a minute...a good excuse for marriage has pop into my head. We the greedy human race like exclusitivity. While the communist tree huggin' hippies don't mind sharing their bodily fluids around, a capitalist pig like myself like the feeling of exclusitivity and would do anything to get it. I want to know that's my stain on the bed, that's my kid I'm paying childcare for and that's my wife nagging me.
I'm sure you don't want to sleep anywhere near another guy deposit or paying for someone else's kid or listenning to some wench nagging you to take out the garbage. Communism does not work. It does not matter what you apply it to.