27 February, 2007

"If you're stoopit 'n you know it, clap your hands..."

Dear readers, sorry I haven't post for a while. My excuse is that I have been spending my spare time reading a research thesis paper I have downloaded off the web... I know, I know, I am such a cool dude and I am the life of the party wherever I go.

(To be perfectly honest with you, I simply ran out of things to yammer on about :-)

You see, from my surfing a few weeks back, I stumbled across this psychology study entitled:

Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments

Authored by Justin Kruger and David Dunning of Cornell U, it is a fairly old paper, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology during 1999.

The research's preposition is that if a person is hopelessly incompetent in a domain of his life, there is simply no way for that person to recognise his own putrid incompetence in that domain. The authors concluded that:

  1. The incompetent will tend to overestimate their ability in the given domain.
  2. Given a finished result, the incompetent will be unable to judge what is good work and what is complete rubbish.
  3. The incompetent will not be able see that he is an idiot, despite all social evidence to the contrary.

Scary... In fact, I could be that idiot, believing that I am the next Shakespeare, running around naked, writing this completely aimless and inane blog, which is basically the sum of all the pus that is my existence. AND I wouldn't have a clue about how crappy this blog is.


I suppose this study also means that:

  1. Given an idiot, when he meets another idiot, they would not be able to tell if each other are completely idiots. They could possibly mistaken each other as geniuses.
  2. When this idiot meets a genius, without any skills or base of reference, will believe that the genius is complete nutter.

So what does this mean? I want you, my dear genius readers, to appraise my blog and how stupid it is, or indeed how stupid I am for spewning such a steaming pile of turd. Spare me no blushes...


gnaphos said...

I agree on the author, but not what you derived from it. As an idiot is unable to know what is good work or bad work, it implies when N idiots meet each others, there would be 1/(2^(n^2-n)) chance that they all mutually agreed that they are all genius. Even the chance of a group of 10 idiots think that they are all genius is just 8x10^-28.

ln said...

I'm feeling stupid reading the post.

ln - clapping furiously....

Gord said...

gnaphos said: "there would be 1/(2^(n^2-n)) chance that they all mutually agreed that they are all genius"

Agreed, so for 2 idiots the probability is 25%, which is still a significant percentage...

ln - clapping furiously....

gord - joins in with the clapping