24 January, 2007

Vegetarianism and IQ

I am not feeling funny today, so I will just post something non-funny and irrelevant about Vegetarianism, a journal paper published in the British Medical Journal:
IQ in childhood and vegetarianism in adulthood: 1970 British cohort study

Too long to read? Try reading a short report about the research in Medical News Today.


gnaphos said...

Simple, dumb people simply have no ability to make such a decision. Average people know the benefits about it, but they lack the persistent, or enough research that make a long term balanced diet possible.

However, even smarter ones would know that more veges is good for health, but mixing with small amount of meet is even better. Or they are considerate enough that doesn't want to create all the hassles to their friends during occasions. :)

Too bad that those smarter one mixed with the whole pool which brings down the mean :)

LN said...

Agree with gnaphos!!!

Vegetarian tree huggin', carrot munchin' propaganda!!!

Go here "www.themainmeal.com.au" for the unbias fact sponsored by the MLA!!!

LN - Me eat cow now!!!

Anonymous said...
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