25 January, 2007

...In Love and War

Welcome back to our weekly reality soap drama, "...In Love and War". Let's pick up from last week's titillating episode:

Dearest Dubya,

I ask you, why send only 20,000 of your wriggling weaklings right up my gulf, why not send 50 or 100 thousand? Aren't you aware that my Iraq is hot for your troops' bodies?

Al-Qaeda's 2nd in Command
Amman al-Zawahri


Howdy Wahri,

You know I wanna send my Surge right up your Persian Gulf. Baby, I do. I wanna go in there with some Shock and Awe. But Nancy told me that it might be a bad idea. So I am all like "um, yeah, whatever". What you reckon I should do?

President of the United States
George W. Bush


Dearest Dubya,

You should send your entire load of army to be annihilated at the hands of my mujahideen. You know I want to free the world from your big massive evil.

Your Sheik in the Sheets.

P.S. Do you like my new turban? I bought it on sale the other day at Walmart.


Howdy Wahri,

Yeah, great idea, my big momma-Amman. Because you know very well that I can easily sack my whole load on your Desert Storm and keep shooting some more.

Your Pardner.

P.S. Love your new turban, buddy.


Dearest Dubya,

Bring it on, honey, I can take this all the way up the Kabul. You know I am able to bury ten armies like yours, with Allah's help and power.

Iraq you all night long, baby.


Howdy Wahri,

Same time, same place? Don't forget the crude oil, babe.

Can't wait...


Um Mr. President,

How come you don't return my calls no more? I terribly miss our free trade negotiations. You know you are still my one and only Commander-in-Chief.

Your mini me (Prime Minister of Australia),
John Howard

P.S. Call Me...


Jay Siwel said...

Haha omg I laughed so hard when I read this. Thank god for the "next blog" button or I'd never seen it.

Gord said...

That's my purpose in life, to entertain... and decapitate.

Yep, entertainment and decapitation are my goals in life...

Anonymous said...
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