07 May, 2009

Jesus vs. Tai Chi... Let the battle begin!!

I just love these religion vs. religion stories:

A group of senior Tai Chi practitioners are kicked out of a church property because their eastern "philosophies were incompatible with the Bible's teachings."

No seriously.

And this quote by the church leader Rev. Morse show the level of miscomprehension on his part about meditation and Christian's beliefs:

"It's about a type of meditation, and what they call search for enlightenment, where you go into things like yoga do (yoga do) or, like in the martial arts, meditations where you just emptied your mind and let it go wherever it wanted to.

"Well that stands in opposition to Christianity, which says we are to be in control of our faculties."

In control of our faculties? Where in the Bible does it say that?? (Commandment XI: Thou shall possess control of all thou faculties??)

And what ever else he may object to, meditations is the practice of controlling your mental faculties. But I digress.

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