19 November, 2008

How Effective is Acupuncture?

Not very effective, apparently.


highboy said...

That picture just doesn't look right. I hate needles.

Though I'm sure we'll be disagreeing quite a bit, (what with me being a Christian in the ministry and all) but I dig your blog.

Gord said...

Thanks for visiting, HighBoy. and thanks for the "digs".

I am sure we'll be disagree quite a bit but I am sure both of us enjoys it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I wrote a paper on acupuncture in middle school, and so my dad made me go get it done for research. It was hilarious... Even when I was young, I could tell what BS it was.

Gord said...

I couldn't. Until recently I am agnostic to acupuntures effectiveness.

After having used it in the past, I think it is an elaborate placebo effect.

I am still not sure it can move from the alternative medicine catergory to complementary medicine.