17 July, 2007

"I Like Big BOOTS n' I Cannot Lie..."

"I like big BUTTS n' I cannot lie
All you other brothers can't deny..."

Sir Mix-a-Lot, 1992

I am under the impression that Sir Mix-a-Lot has got it all wrong with his Hip Hop track "Baby Got Back", where he pays tribute to the women's rear end as a living work of art.

While a woman's lower ASSets are indeed desirable, for me there is nothing more sexier than a girl decked out in a pair leather BOOTS.

For the girl in question could be skinny, plump, tall, short, brown, white or of purple hue. It does not matter whether she dons ankle high, knee high or thigh high boots. And it matters not the heel size, lacing, strapping nor the individual styling... It is all deliciously HAWT to me.

Given the worlds ugliest woman or the world most beautiful model, if you pop some boots on her pins, she will be twice as good looking immediately to my eyes.

It is something that is slowly groomed into my psyche, my conditioning. Like Krytonite to my supermanlihood, I just cannot help but fall for the boots...


GL said...

I've seen a few around today. I admit, sexy.

Gord said...

Winter is a great time to spot the sexy boots out and about.