20 February, 2008

By a Single Thread

Hanging on by a single thread at West Head,
comtemplating life and all it's unsavouriness.

Life is short. Far too short. Go do something crazy. Quit your stinking pile of dog poo of a job. Eat something you have never eaten before. Suck the juice out of life. Hang off a cliff. Feel alive.

What ever you do, do not sit at your office blogging inane crap in an inane blog. :-)



Anonymous said...

OMG, is that you? Has it been Photoshoped?

The blogs can only be as inane as you want it to be...since you are hiding other adventures from your avid readers. DGJ.

Gord said...

Of course it is me :-p

Plus, I am not hiding anything from the blog that I am not hiding from people on the street :-)

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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kaman said...

that photo is unreal!!!
I wonder if I can do that too!!!
Don't think I can even hold for 3 sec.

Gord said...

Thanks for reading my blog Kamen ^_^

You know Wai-Man took this photo for me...